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                                   Martin Tlustý – CV in English

Attachment No. 1:     Letter of Recommendation by the last employer
Attachment No. 2:     Letter of Recommendation by the long-term client
Attachment No. 3:     Letter of Recommendation by the long-term clients
Attachment No. 4:     Photo of Mixing Center, supervised by MT for CSI
Attachment No. 5:     Birth & baptism certificate


CV in English
Translator, Construction manager, Advisor
(with 40 year professional experience)
Driver C+E   English 9 (of 10)    Age 64


Basic personal data



November 2, 1949 in Prague 6,   Bubenec, Czechoslovakia

Marital status


married  (with Kateřina Tlustá)



daughters Nikola *1973 + Marika *1974



1 Tadcaster Drive, Manchester, M40 8BG

Phone, mobile


in UK:  07 438 327 254
{in Cz: +420 607 883 661, land line: +420 222 951 090}



Identification Number of Business Reg.


16 120 175   - see also Company registration at ARES MFCR
List of translators at

UK NIN National Insurance # in UK:   YS415729D

Medical card


accessible at,       NHS# in UK: 712 071 0532


University: Czech Technical University in Prague
2 professions at Civil Engineering Faculty:
1986-1989    Civil Engineering Economy and Management (3 Y)
7-8 / 1980      Study visit at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
1968-1973    Architecture (3 Years)

2 High Schools
1975-1976    Civil Engineering High School (SPS Stavebni, Zborovska 5, Praha 5)
1965-1968    High School, Natural Sciences (SVVS, Kollarova 5, Praha 8)
1989               City of Prague Institute: in service course for employees
Languages:      English - fluent (9 of 10, state exam. license for translating),
                                   German – basic (6 of 10), Russian – good (7 of 10), etc.
Computer literacy:   MSOffice (Word, Excel...), MSIE, web design
Driving license:        A + B + C + E + T + course for pilots of gliders

Professional experience
1991-now Private business as Translator, Construction Manager,
1991-now      Translating of technological and scientific English/Czech texts
10/97-9/98     American company Envirosource - CSI
                        installing 12 million dollar project of Mixing center for Flue Gas
                        Desulphurization plant at EOP as subcontractor to JGC;
CSI Representative & Construction Manager
1-10 /1997     JGC Corporation (14-1, B 1-ch., Minami-ku, Yokohama 232, Japan):
                        Assistant  to CSI representative Kent Powelson
1992               Prague City Waste Council:
Prague Mayor Expert Advisor
                        (appointed by Mayor of Prague)

    Working as Employee:
1989-1991    City of Prague, City transport and Environment Protection Depts:
manager, deputy of head of Waste Management for the whole Prague
+ 1st author of the Law on the Waste management in the Czech Republic
1984-1988    Construction Research Institute (”VVÚ SZP”, later "VVÚIPS"):
                        Research engineer, author and co-author of many
                        reports and books (
Ecology of the City /of Prague/
                        - 5 annual reports,
Ecology in civil Engineering, etc.)
1982-1983    Czech Hydro and Meteorological Institute (CHMÚ):
                        Translator and documentalist of English technical literature
1982               7DA (CASD): Construction worker – building a new church
1977-1981    Constructions Company for Agriculture, C. Budejovice (KZSP):
                        Construction worker, Foreman, Construction manager
1975-1976    Prague Waterworks (Prazské vodárny): Operator
1974-1975    Prague City Transport Co. (DP hl. m. Prahy): Driver B+C+E
7-8 /1969       Pochin: Helpmate at the Manchester University UMIST, U.K
7-8 /1968       J.N. Farmer-Little:
Construction worker in Wales, U.K

1991-now   Christian institutions:

1991-1992    1st national Vice-President of the Czech branch of FGBMFI
1992-1994    1st national
Vice-President of Harvest International Ministries - CZ;
                        founder of HIM Bible University and
member of its Board of Advisors
President of Harvest International Min. – CZ foundation,
1991-now      Interpreter of English preaching

3 professional referees:
(see also their Letters of Recommendation, bellow)
1) David Lizzi, ,
My highest American boss, when I worked as assistant and construction manager for CSI.

Roger and Rebecca Buckland,,
American pastor + his wife - I have interpreted for them (En<->Cz) for about 5 years
3) William and Melinda White,
American pastor and his wife - I have interpreted for them (En<->Cz) for about 10 years

Attachment No. 1:

Letter of recommendation by the most important client
1155 Business Center Drive, Horsham, PA, 19044-3454, USA
To: Whom it may concern
Re: Reference for Martin Tlustý

Envirosource (also known as CSI) is a company that provides turnkey facilities in both the Power Utility and the Steel Making Industry. The company is committed to providing the best possible service and value for our clients. As we both design as well as build these facilities, we are in constant need for qualified personnel who will oversee and assist in the total construction effort in accordance with design specifications, budget constraints and project schedule. Therefore, the position of Assistant Construction Manager was created.
Martin Tlustý was hired as both an interpreter and Assistant Construction Manager. Martin provided outstanding overall technical direction to our contractors on our 12 million-dollar Czech project.

Some of the key duties Martin performed are as follows:

·         Martin always assured the project was constructed in accordance with the design. When problems were identified, Martin resolved the problem quickly avoiding possible costly delays in the schedule.

·         Martin’s exceptional ability to coordinate and supervise the activities of all
our Czech sub-contractors guaranteed that project would be completed successfully.

·         Martin’s commendable performance toward the company clients, project policies, procedures, and standards were second to none.

·         Martin was also very proficient in maintaining project logs and document files, which are vitally important in coordinating erection sequencing and having back-up data available.

·         Martin was a major asset to this company always giving 110%. He would not hesitate to go out of his way (get his hands dirty) to see that the project was completed on or before schedule. Martin was on the Czech project from 1/8/97through its completion on 11/30/98. He also was appointed Construction Manager from September 14, 1998 through the completion of the work on November30, 1998. As our company had no other foreign work in the Czech region Martin was released. My personal opinion is that Martin Tlustý would be a valuable employee in whatever endeavor he is asked to perform.

If you would like to talk to me directly about Martin and his long list of abilities, please feel free to call me at (USA) 610-695-9704 anytime.

April 15, 1999, David Lizzi Sr., Director of Design Engineering
(currently Vice President of Engineering at

Attachment No. 2:

Letter of Recommendation by the long-term client

Mezinárodní letniční společenství
International Pentecostal Fellowship
(also known as United Pentecostal Church - UPC ; see also or
Týnská ulice 7, 110 00 Praha 1, Tel.: 02 / 41 44 24 34, mobile: +420 602 334523

August 8, 1998

To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the privilege of knowing MARTIN TLUSTÝ for the last three years.
Martin is presently working faithfully with us as an oral translator and does an excellent job. He knows the English language extremely well. Martin also has the grammatical ability translate written materials, (literature, books, etc.) from the English language into Czech, as he has done for us in the past.

He is very faithful in his commitment to us. He is always honest in his relationships, and portrays a Christian attitude.

MARTIN TLUSTÝ has had much experience in many areas of responsibility as is portrayed on his resume. Because he seems to have the ability to comprehend and adapt to new situations quickly, and his presence is a benefit to those around him, therefore, would highly recommend him.

If there would be any further questions, feel at liberty to contact me at the number above.


Roger Buckland
Missionary /
Czech Republic & Slovakia


Attachment No. 3:

Letter of Recommendation by the long-term clients

Letter of Recommendation by William and Melinda Whites
- answers to translating agency (deciding if to give work to Martin Tlusty)
From: "will white" , Date: Tue, August 02, 2005 7:55 pm
Subject: Request for reference for Mr. Martin Jiri Tlusty

1. In what capacity is the applicant known to you, e.g. translator, interpreter, proofreader, colleague?
Mr. Tlusty worked with us as our interpreter at the "Open Door" Church in Prague.  He also did innumerable translation works for us.  His ability to interpret English to Czech was remarkable and he was able to stand before crowds of people and do this on the spot.  He was and is a complete asset to us.
2. i) How much translation and/or interpreting /other work has the applicant done for you? 
Mr. Tlusty has made himself available to us for over 10 years.  He was working with us on a continual full time basis in the 90's and still avails himself whenever we are in Prague.
It would be impossible to evaluate how much work he has done for us as he was continually doing translation and interpretation for us.

ii) How recent was the last piece of work the applicant did for you? 
Through the wonders of the computer age, Martin has been in contact with us through email and always avails himself whenever we have a need.
iii) Were there any reasons why you would not consider using the applicant again? 
No...we highly recommend him to anyone who would inquire.  Mr. Tlusty is able to perform any duties in regards to interpretation and translation with precision and intelligence.
iv) Does the applicant respect deadlines?  
Yes, absolutely.  He is most reliable.
3. Which language(s) has the applicant undertaken for you? 
English to Czech and Czech to English
4. What kind of work has been undertaken by the applicant?
He has translated brochures, flyers, applications, songs, government applications, rental leases, and a host of various papers.  He has interpreted live in front of audiences repeatedly as well as one on one.  He is very intelligent and is able to effortlessly translate our American "idioms" and phrases to be understood by Czechs.  He was and is a valued person in our work.
5. Have you always been entirely satisfied with the work produced by the applicant?  Absolutely yes.
6. Does the applicant have a friendly and professional manner?
He is not only friendly and professional, he is able to handle any situation with grace and finesse.
7. Is the applicant easily contactable?  Yes.

Using the following please choose the number you feel is appropriate to grade the applicant.
Please rate the applicant on a 1-to-10 scale where 10 means "excellent" and 1 means "very poor."

Language skills - style, grammar,
spelling, use of current terminology:

Quality of work undertaken:                   10
Computer and IT literacy:                      10
Presentation of work:                            10
Ability to work under pressure:               10
Ability to meet an agreed deadline:          10
Initiative:                                            15 (yes, I mean 15)
Reliability:                                          10
Integrity:                                            15
Professional approach,
attitude and helpfulness:

Thank you for contacting us with regards to Martin Tlusty.  We assure you that he is a skilled interpreter and translator.  That combined with him being a man of great character, it is with no reservation that we recommend him most highly for any work in any capacity.  We are sure you will not regret having him a part of your team.  Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

Will and Melinda White


Attachment No. 4
Photo of EOP Mixing Centre
12 million-dollar construction of the center for mixing the product of Flue Gas Desulphurization plant, at the power station EOP, Opatovice n. L, Czech Republic, where Martin Tlustý has worked as Representative and Construction Manager for the American supplier of the whole technology, CSI – EnviroSource. See also: and

 U P

Attachment No. 5:
Birth & baptism + Marriage Certificates