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My family
This part is here -naturally- mainly for relatives, interested in things like private photos.

  • My wife   -   Dr. Katia Tlustá
  • My father   -   Prof. Dr. Jiri (George) Tlusty, P.E.
  • My mother   -   Vlasta Tlustá
  • My 1st daughter   -   Nikola Tlustá
  • My 2nd daughter   -   Mgr. Marika Tlustá
  • My brother   -   Ing. Jan Tlustý
  • My sister   -   Eva born Tlusta
  • My grandson Matthew
  • My cat
  • Ancestors
  • Family trees

    My wife
    My wife, Dr. Katerina Tlustá, born Hajdovská, has a unique voice and talent. She knows traditional and folk songs, Czech, Ukrainian, as well as Jewish (in "holy" language of Bible, Hebrew, but also in Ladino and Yiddish), which she interprets with her twin-brother Lesik Hajdovsky. See their website, or click directly on logos of their CDs, to listen to 50 samples of these songs:   
    Website of music group ESTHER


    If you could invite them to have a concert for you, it would be, I believe, blessing for you - to hear the beautiful songs like "Hodu l´Adonaj, ki Tov, ki le Olam Chasdo", during which, almost 3000 years ago, "the glory of the LORD had filled the house of God", or enemies of Israel have killed themselves (see 2Chr 5:13-14, 2Chr 20:21-23, and CD with David´s star) in their original versions. It would be, however, blessing for our whole family, too.

    Katia is also beginning with creation of her own personal website, where she is placing e.g. her poetry (only in Czech, now),
    and website of the Day Care Center for Seniors, where she works as a chief (both only in Czech).



    My father

    My father, Prof. Dr. Jiri (George) Tlusty, P.E., (January 5, 1921 in Prague - October 20, 2002 in Gainesville) contributed considerably to the progress of metal cutting machines, and thus of all production industry. His success in this area has begun with a revolutionary Theory of self-excited vibrations in machine tools. His useful role in this area during whole his life was manifested e.g. in the most precise metal cutting machine in the world, designed and manufactured in his company MLI in 1995, which works with preciseness of 1/2 milionth of inch.
    In his 80 years of age in 2001, he still worked at 5 "jobs": Professor at U. of Florida, Director of the Machine Tool Research Center, President of MLI, writer and Chair of the 29th NAMR Conference.

    Condolences and memories for our father, collected on pages of UBC by Prof. Yusuf Altintas and HERE

      Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc., est. 1985
    5/2001: Chair of the 29th North American Manufacturing Research Conference - photos

    5/2001: "Prof. J. Tlusty, Memories and Views" by Prof. Yusuf Altintas and other 25 former students and colleagues of my father, who are already also famous Professors and succesful experts. (1 MB)
    All these 26 experts bear quite extreme witnesses, e.g.:

  • "Professor Tlusty has been considered a worldwide legend in machine tool design research...to which he has contributed more than anyone in the past century"; "He is the most energetic and innovative engineer I have ever met in my life, .. applying his legendary engineering skills and methods" (Prof. Yusuf Altintas, U. of British Columbia, Canada, ASME Fellow, Active CIRP Member),
  • "genius, as an innovator and as a designer" (Prof J.Peters, Katholieke Univ. Leuven, Belgium),
  • "most knowledgeable person on earth in his field of expertise and the most intelligent person I ever met" (Prof. E. A. Orady, Ph.D., Coordinator of Manuf. Eng. Program, U. of Michigan, AMSE President),
  • "I have never seen an equivalent talent who understood his craft so well" (Trevor Jones, P.E., Chief Technical Officer, CRS Robotics Corp.),
  • "icon to every engineer" (Dr. Wieslaw Zaton),
  • "He is a visionary, and his impact on the machine tool industry has been (and continues to be) truly remarkable" (Prof. Scott Smith, M.S., U. of N. Carolina, US CIRP Corr., ASME, & NAMRI Member),
  • "I continue to find myself amazed at the depth and breadth of Dr. Tlusty’s knowledge regarding virtually all aspects of machining ... He is without question the best design engineer I have ever known"; "I watched with amazement as he walked into class every day with nothing but a piece of chalk and proceeded to write out complicated derivations and solve complex problems with no notes or aids" (Prof. John Ziegert, Ph.D., Machine Tool Research Center, University of Florida), etc.

    The title "father of high-speed machining"
    and "pioneer in machine tool measurement"

    Father´s publications   according to   http://mtrc.me.ufl.edu/Publications/Jiri%20Tlusty.html

    8/1999: The book Manufacturing Processes and Equipment, Prentice Hall

    Since 2003 there is award named after our father "Society of Manufacturing Engineers' Jiri Tlusty Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award" (in 2003 to 12 engineers);  
    (see http://www.enme.umd.edu/news/december02/herrmann.html). (see 8 Academic Recipients + 4 Industry Recipients in 2003
    and Prof. Jeffrey Herrmann selected to receive Jiri Tlusty Award.)
    1999: ASPE Lifetime Achievement Award
    1997: ASME W.T.Ennor Manufacturing Technology Award
    1990: ASME Blackall Award
    1980: ASME Centennial Medallion
    1979: SME Gold Medal
    1968 January 11; title DrSc. by Scientific Council of CVUT for the work "Statical and dynamical rigidity of frame of metal cutting machines, criteria and methods"
    1958 November 14; title CSc. by Scientific Council of Mech. Eng. Fac. of CVUT for the work "Self excited vibrations on metal cutting machines"
    1954: State prize for revolutionary Theory of self-excited vibrations

    (awards - see page 5)

    In the following universities and societies our father lectured or conducted the research (except cVUT, where he studied):


    Father chairs the 29th North American Manufacturing Research Conference, May 22-25, 2001, University of Florida Hotel and Conference Center, Gainesville, Florida; the 1st photo is his "Keynote Address"; + 1 photo at home (each photo can be enlarged):


      UFL Mech. Eng. Faculty staff

    Photos from the monography on my father:

           Weather in Gainesville
    My father´s former flat on the Atlantic beach of Florida
    (Ocean House, Crescent Beach, St. Augustine)

    VÚOSO: 1st Tuesday in month 17:00 behind Libensky castle - playground METEOR, hotel for footbalists



    My mother:

    My mother Vlasta Tlustá
    (born Krákorová, July 4, 1926 - Nov.19,1999) was talented painter and "the best mother in the world".

    In spite of her talent, our mother never had any exhibition. Therefore I am trying to prepare it, at least here (in chronological order).
    She studied in the atelier of Cyril Bouda, who said that she was his most talented student. She always wanted to paint.
    But first, she had 3 children in 3 years after her studies, and then she taught painting as a professor for the whole life. During this time, she used to draw pictures for students on the blackboard.
    When she finally started with her own painting after her retiring, she was painting on the boards
    of the size of the school blackboard.
    During her teaching she lived by the hope that she still has time, because her favorite painter Grandma Moses started with painting in her 76, and still made a great work.
    Unfortunatelly, she had no chance to paint till 101, as Grandma Moses.
    Her talent was inherited by her grand daughter Marika. I hope, their common exhibition may be prepared, one day.

    Mini-exhibition of Vlasta Tlustá (every picture can be enlarged by clicking)
    Time of studies:

    Holidays with children:

    Example of common work of children - her students:

    Time reminding more or less Grandma Moses:

    Real places (where her son, daughter, and father [unfinished one] lived):
    Other unfinished paintings:
    Garden Vrtbovska Birds Birds for Martin


    My 1st daughter Nikola: 
    My daughter Nikola Tlusta (*1973 in Prague) studied "Processing of technical documentation" + Christian High School at Hussite Faculty of Charles University + English at London School. She is a great advocate of vulnerable animals.
    CV of Nikola Tlusta
    (in English)
    Nikola´s drawings and photos (chronologically):

    Nikola, Marika a já jako vánoční stromek    .                                                                                    .

    My 2nd daughter Marika 

    is a priest. She is creating a website of the church, where she serves:
    Website of the CS Hussite Church at Prague 6 - Brevnov.
    Vecerník Praha Feb.26, 2001

    Marika follows my mother in painting (each picture can be enlarged by the click):


    Exhibition of paintings of historical cars VETERAN ART
    staged yearly at the Prague Fair Grounds:


    My brother:
    My brother Jan (Ing. Jan Tlustý) is a mechanical engineer, as my father. He is newly married (also to Katia, as me) and has a small daugter Debora.     E-mail

    Debora about 1 year in summer 2002
    Debora with her father and grandmother
    With her grandfather
    .. and mother
    ... and with Rabí Sidon in December 2005.

    Website that Jan made for his wife Kateryna:

    My sister

    My sister Eva
    (born Tlusta) has lived and worked in New York since 1983. Her work, ranges from drawings to sculpture, furniture, product, interior design, as well as jewelry design.
    Her creative output manifests her personal belief in the importance of logic, order, concentration and directness in the presentation of an idea.
    After her interrupted studies in Prague, she studied at Parsons School of Design in New York, where she also taught for a number of years.
    Presently she teaches at the New York University at the Art and Art Professions Department.
    6 articles on Eva's workEva´s jewelry,  

       The Church of the Year 2000, Rome, Italy, is one of many successful projects on which John, Eva´s husband, collaborated as a Design Partner at the Richard Meier & Partners office in New York.   (at Richard Meier´s web page),  

           ArchNewsNow, October 23, 2003: Iconic Arcs: Jubilee Church by Richard Meier & Partners.

    Exhibition Czech Jewellery 1950-2000: July 18 - Sept. 14, 2003, Císarská konírna, Prague Castle

    Article in Czech "Proc ríkat 5 vetami, co jde ríct 2 slovy
    Exhibition of jewelry in muzeum




    My grandson

    My grandson Matthew (Matej, Matýsek) (*February 16, 2007)

    On 29th May 2007 Matthew visited seniors in their Day Care Center:



    My cat

    My cat Paw
    (*25.10.2002 = 5 days after leaving of my father)



    Parents of our father, Ladislav Tlustý and Bozena Franková


    Vojtech Frank, father of Bozena Franková



    Parents of our mother, Josef Krákora and Julie Vobrová
    birth-house of Josef Krákora in Svaté Pole 25 near Dobrís birth-farm of Julie Vobrova in Ctibor 18 near Pocátky, Pelhrimov (S:49,17 V:15,12)


    Josef Vobr and Julie Plottová, parents of Julie Vobrová


    Our Family TREEs

    Family names of my ancestors:
    Bunat (Velká Lecice near N.Knín, Karlstejn county)
    Diviš ()
    Frank (Doudlevce 37, Pilsen)
    Heller (Radobsice, Radobycice, Pilsen)
    Hrbek (Vlcetín, Jihlava?)
    Chadima (2x, Horní Dubenky 33, mill, Jihlava)
    Kobza (Vlcetín, Jihlava?)
    Kordule (Daleké Dusníky 17, Dobris)
    Koutný (Nová Ves 6, Jihlava?)
    Krákora (Svaté Pole 25, Dobris)
    Krejsa, Kreyza (Voznice 12, Dobris?)
    Kyncl, Kincl (Hlinsko, Chrudim)
    Malát (Hlinsko 62, Chrudim)
    Medek (Hlinsko 95, Chrudim)
    Minarík (Zahorany 22, near Mnísek)
    Novák (Radlice, Jihlava)
    Novotný, Nowotný (Dlouhá Lhota 3, Dobris)
    Plott (Dlouhá Brtnice 61, Jihlava, mlýn)
    Plucar (Horní Němčice, mlýn, Jihlava?)
    Pražan (Hlinsko 9, Chrudim)
    Prokop (Hlinsko 303, Chrudim)
    Sobota (Štítov 42, Pilsen)
    Sokol (Hlinsko 33, 379?, Chrudim)
    Safránek (Hlinsko?, Chrudim)
    Tesárek (Daleké Dusníky 19, Dobris)
    Tlustý (Hlinsko 215->303, Chrudim)
    Vobr, Wobr, Bobr (Ctiboř 18, Jihlava)
    Voldán, Woldán (Hlinsko 6, Chrudim)

    8 generations of  TLUSTYs
    I did this samll search, because I was always sorry that we knew no relatives on father´s side, what has probably caused my  father´s father by breaking all contacts with his family, in his youth.

    1) My children:
    Nikola Tlusta, born June 22, 1973 in Prague
    Marika Tlusta, born July 14, 1974 in Prague (evangelical priest, painter)
    (Daughter of my brother Jan: Debora Tlusta, born June 8, 2001 in Prague,
    Sons of my sister Eva: Martin and Marek (born January 6, 1980 in Prague)
    2) I:
    Martin Jiri Tlusty, born November 2, 1949 in Prague

    (my brother = Jan Tlusty, born May 1, 1951 in Prague; Mech.Engineer 

    my sister = Eva Eisler, born Tlusta, July 27, 1952 in Beroun; jeweller, designer, architect)

    3) My parents:
    Jiri Tlusty, * Jan. 5, 1921 in Prague. + Oct. 20, 2002 in Gainesville (Mech.Eng. Prof. Ing.Dr., researcher)

        (his brother-twin = Vojtech Tlustý /Prof.PhDr.DrSc., 5.1.1921-21.8.1989/ has with Milena Tlustá /Doc.PhDr./ son Vojtech Tlustý)

    +Vlasta born Krakorova,  July 4, 1926 in Prague, + Nov. 19, 1999 in Prague (painter, evangelic)
    4) My grandparents:
    Ladislav Jan Tlusty, born August 7, 1875 in Hlinsko, house # 303, + around 1938 (Mayor of the town ???, director of psychiatric asylum Bohnice)
    (his sibs:
    Stanislav Jan Tlusty, * July 26, 1870 in Hlinsko 303, † March 21, 1872
    Anna Matylda Tlusta-->Pacáková, * April 6, 1872 in Hlinsko 303, † March 17, 1952 in Hlinsko 67
        [she married on July 4, 1893 Jindrich Ladislav Pacák, watchmaker and Catholíc from Chrudim 90,
        * June 25, 1863 to Catholics Jan Pacák a Frantiska daughter of Josef Reichl, county messenger in HK]
    Frantisek Jakub Tlusty, * July 25, 1877 in Hlinsko 303, † January 15, 1878
    Jan Antonin Tlusty, * November 2 (= like me), 1878 in Hlinsko 303, † April 14, 1879
    Marie Josefa Tlusta, * October 22, 1880 in Hlinsko 303, † January 24, 1882 in Hlinsko
    Bozena Frantiska Tlusta -->Heráfová, * June 21, 1882 in Hlinsko 303
        (she married on May 20, 1902 Bohuslav Heráf, ass. of NW railway, at Vsetaty–Prívory # 86,
        * April 11, 1879 in Rosice near Pardubice to Catholics Matej Heráf, station master in Rosice, and Vítezslava,
        daughter of Josef Schönberger/senberg, burgess in MB 65. BFT-H and BH had 2 sons:
        ?? Heráf, * around 1904, and Zdenek (Matej) Heráf, *November 5, 1911 in Josefov n.Metují
        (county Jaromer) #141, and twins, who died soon)

    Frantisek Felix Tlusty, * November 20, 1884 in Hlinsko 303, † March 17, 1885 [may be March 14]
    +Bozena born Frankova, June 28, 1889  in Plzen, Risske pr. # 548, + September 2, 1978 in Pilsen - Valcha (chef cook, catholic)

    5) My great grandparents:

    Jan Evangelista Tlusty , born December 27, 1842 in Hlinsko, house # 9, + June 15, 1889 at Hlinsko 103 for "tuberkule"; sine prov. – culpa domesticor (linen weaver and seller, burgess, catholic)     (his sibs:
    Frantisek Tlustý, * 17.2. 1845 in Hlinsko 9, † 23.2.1864
    Václav Tlustý, * 13.8. 1848 in Hlinsko 7, † 22.9.1854
    Anna Tlustá-->Prokopová, * 11.9. 1852 in Hlinsko 7 [she married on 8.10. 1872 in Hlinsko 77 Jan Prokop,
        butcher, * 13.5.1845 to Josef Prokop, butcher from Hlinsko 463 and Josefa born Plíhalová from Hlinsko])

    +Anna born Sokolova, in Hlinsko, house # 303 (catholic; parents Matej Sokol, weaver from Hlinsko 303 and Marie Kinclová from Hlinsko)

    My great great grandparents:
    Frantisek (Frank) Serafinský Tlusty, born 9.5. 1815 in Hlinsko # 77 (potter, catholic)

        (his sibs:
    Josefa Tlustá, * 23.2. 1801 in Hlinsko 215
    Josef Jan Tlustý, * 29.5. 1803 in Hlinsko 215
    Antonín Tlustý, * 27.12. 1807 in Hlinsko 215
    Katerina Tlustá, * 17.9. 1812 in Hlinsko 215)

    +Dorota born Prazanova, in Hlinsko, house # 9 (catholic)

    My 3xgreat grandparents:
    Jan Tlusty, born Nov.1, 1765 in Hlinsko, house # 215 (potter)
        (his sibs:
    Frantisek Tlustý, * Oct.6, 1763)
    +Katerina born Medkova, about 1770 in Hlinsko, house # 95
    (catholic; wedding was on 22. 1. 1788; her father fur dresser Josef Medek, mother Lidmilla Safránková)

    My 4x great grandparents:
    Jan Tlustý * around 1740 ? (subject to Rychenburk)

    +Ludmila born ?????   (subject to dominion Richenburské)

    5 generations of KRÁKORAs

    1) My parents:
    Vlasta born Krákorová, July 4, 1926 in Prague, + November 19, 1999 in Prague (paintress, Evangelic)

    Jirí Tlustý, *January 5, 1921 in Prague, + October 20, 2002 in Gainesville (mechanical engineer, Prof., Ing., Dr., researcher)

        (his brother-twin = Vojtech Tlustý /Prof.PhDr.DrSc., January 5,1921-August 21,1989/ has with Milena Tlustá /Doc.PhDr./ son Vojtech Tlustý)

    2) My grandparents:
    Josef Krákora, *August 15, 1877 in Svaté Pole
    ("Holy Field") 25 near Dobrís (in the small house next to the school and abreast of church), + in Beroun   (locksmith and technical officer in cKD, Catholíc; who had around 10 sibs, in Svaté Pole)
    Julie born Vobrová January 6, 1889 in Ctibor near Pocátky + in Prague (gardener, officer, Evangelíc)

    My great grandparents:
    Frantisek Xaver Krákora, *5.11.1843 in Svaté Pole 25; (parish clerk in Sv.Pole, originally worker in (Daleké) Dusníky 17"?)
    Marie rozená Tesárková , in (Dalekých) Dušníkách 17 (* před 1859?) (father of Marie Tesárková: Josef Tesárek, crofter (Daleké) Dušníky 17, jeho otec: Antonín Tesárek, crofter z (Dalekých) Dušníků 19, jeho matka: Marya Nowotná z Dlouhé Lhoty 3
    Marie Tesárkové:
    Alžběta Nowotná, "tamtéž", její otec: František Nowotný , crofter z (Dalekých) Dušníků 17, její matka: Marya Kordulová z (Dalekých) Dušníků 17)
    (sourozenci Marie Tesárkové: František *30.1.1862, Josef *4.1.1865-9.12.1883, Alžběta *25.5.1867-21.12.1889, Václav 14.7.1876)

    4) My 2xgreat grand-parents:

    Matthew Krákora
    , *in Svaté Pole 25;
    (crofter in Svaté Pole 25)
    Lidmila born Minaríková , *in Zahorany 22; (county Dobris; her father: Frantisek Minarík, small farmer Zahorany 22, her mother: Katerina Bunatová from Velké Lecice near N.Knín, county Karlstejn)

    5) Mí 3xgreat grand-parents:
    Jan Krákora
    , *in Svaté Pole 25;
    (crofter Svaté Pole 25)
    Katerina born Krejsová /Kreyzová from Voznice 12;

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